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Consider This: Summer Is The Perfect Time To “Give Back” As A Family

While it might seem obvious that volunteering strengthens communities, not all of us are aware that volunteering also strengthens families. Volunteering with our children gives us, as parents, an opportunity to model key values like citizenship, community responsibility and compassion while inspiring our children to be the next generation of volunteers. It also helps our children to learn important life long skills that include: academic skills, critical thinking, empowerment, gratitude, respect, responsibility, self-esteem and tolerance.

Seems like a win-win. So don’t worry about finding more time in the day and don’t worry about how old your children are. There are things you can do to make a difference in someone else’s life in just 30 minutes with a toddler in tow. Want to learn more? Visit: for great project ideas. Many can be done right at your kitchen table. Big Hearted Families is a program of Doing Good Together, an excellent resource for learning more about the many wonderful benefits volunteering.

To explore being matched with a community organization in the area, call Kim O’Connor at 917-453-2328.


The Rye Youth Council Mission Statement


The Rye Youth Council is a non-profit organization working in partnership with the schools, parents, and community to ensure that all students in Rye are given the guidance to develop the strength of character to become resilient and responsible members of society.

We do this by creating a variety of programs for children and adults that address the current and emerging needs in our community.

Our Youth Advocates offer support and activities that foster positive behavior, encourage the development of social and emotional skills, and challenge students to see the world beyond themselves.

We seek to engage parents and the community at large to create positive goals and to provide a safe, caring environment for young people.

It is our belief that together we can provide a strong foundation for all the students of Rye.



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