Rye Youth Council Employment Services (RYCES.ORG)

As parents, we want our children to have life experiences, learn critical life skills and grow up to be independent        fulfilled individuals. Work experience is a part of this journey, but it is difficult to know how to get kids involved            and balance that with everything else that they have to do. 



We have the experience and infrastructure to connect teens with appropriate job opportunities. We are available at our office in the high school, and offer instruction to nurture teens throughout the process, through programs and workshops such as “Getting Hired 101: Job Interview Skills”. 

And, we are expanding our availability to be there for teens and parents, 7 days a week. 

Employment is beneficial – it develops responsibility, organization, time management, self-confidence, listening and speaking skills, and it helps to establish good work habits, and financial management. In fact, for every year a youth works, their income in their twenties rises 14-16%.  

 We offer most of our services free of charge, but could use your financial support. We welcome donations of any amount to Rye Youth Council. Want to donate? Click here.


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