Parent & Community


Strengthening Family, Building Community

Rye Youth Council strengthens families by educating parents on issues affecting youth today and strategies to enhance parental connections with their children. 

Our parent programs address ways to identify and resolve common parenting challenges using a variety of large and small group format.  Our approach is through a lens of social and emotional learning.  

The following are some of our programs that provide parents and caregivers with information, education and resources to help their children navigate through periods of transition throughout their youth. 

“I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now” Series 

Supporting Youth Through Transition

● Middle School Transition

● High School Transition

● College Transition

The Inside Scoop to Social Media 

● Presented by a panel from RYC teen Connect w Tech Leadership Club 

Skills and Strategies Workshops 

● So Now You Have a Cell Phone - for parents and kids

● Talking to your Kids About Sadness

● Executive Function - Skills and Strategies

● When College Isn't Going as Planned