Youth transition programs

Transitions can be stressful at any age. Helping our children, teens and young adults become aware of triggers that cause them stress, and sharing skills to cope with those triggers, provides timeless skills. Created for students, parents, and caregivers, the following programs offer a platform for open discussion, bringing insights and pertinent information to the forefront of these exciting and crucial periods of transition.

College Transition - You Got In . . . Now What?


 Getting ready for college is more than finding a roommate and deciding on a meal plan, or shopping for sheets. Research shows that many students struggle to adjust to campus life.   This program is offered each year for high school seniors and their parents/caregivers.  Our team of experts and panelists provide insights, highlight solutions, and empower students and parents to successfully navigate the transition to college.   

Middle School Transition: I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now


 The Inside Scoop from People Who Have Been There!  This panel discussion and Q&A with local middle school students and their parents provides an opportunity to hear firsthand the insights and experiences of kids in 6th, 7th and 8th grade , and their parents, who talk about their transition to middle school.  

High School Transition