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Rye Youth Council engages, educates and empowers youth in our community through programs that support social and emotional growth and essential life skills. 

We cannot do this without your financial support! 100% of your tax-deductible contribution supports the social and emotional health and mental well-being of the youth in our community.  

Upcoming Programs

Finance Workshop for College Students


Louise Bryant is a Certified Financial Planner and Principal at Financial Spyglass® who will talk with young adults about the steps they can take now to feel more confident about their financial future.  This event targets college students and recent college grads.

Career GPS: Finance & Investments


A panel discussion with local professionals -- for high school and college students

Join us for a panel discussion with local professionals as they share stories of their career journeys. Panelists’ experiences span a broad range of industry areas: 

 Private Equity--Investment Management--Venture Capital–-Trading Investment Banking--Relationship Management--Financial Management

Wednesday, January 8th, 7:30-9pm  

Space is limited - Register Now

Middle School Make a Grandfriend Program


 This is a fun and unique opportunity for your middle schooler to visit with senior citizens at The Osborn Retirement Community. Max 25 students per session -- we offer monthly sessions!
Participants are eligible for community service hours.  

For more information and to SIGN UP click here

High School Grandfriend Program


December 9th - Intergenerational Programming for High School Students

This is a fun and unique opportunity for your high schooler to visit with senior independent living residents at The Osborn Retirement Community.  Participants are eligible for community service hours.  

The Osborn will provide bus transportation, leaving Rye High School at 2:40, returning the students back to the high school at 4:10.  For more info and to sign up email Lisa, execdirector@ryeyouthcouncil.org

New! College Coffee Chat


The Rye Youth Council COLLEGE COFFEE CHAT  program connects incoming first-year college students to upperclassmen on the same campus, to provide mentorship and ease the transition to college. This is an ongoing program. 

Rye College Freshmen click here

Rye College Upperclassmen click here 

Finance & Budgeting Workshop for High School Students



Practical & Tactical: Money & Budget Workshop for High Schoolers

High school students shouldn't miss this hands on, informative session that will cover topics such as: Budgeting Basics * Savings vs Checking Accounts * Life's Little Money Hacks * Good vs Bad Debts * When to Start Saving * Credit Scores * Emergency Funds * and More!

Learn more and sign up here

We engage, educate & empower OUR YOUTH



Youth Employment & Independent Life Skills

As early adulthood approaches, an increase in separation between parent and child naturally begins. The following programs provide teens with control over decisions in their lives, while knowing they are supported and guided to make good choices. 

  • Rye Youth Council Employment Services (RYCES) support teens in finding full and part-time jobs year round
  • Life/Work Skills Workshops provide teens with crucial skills, such as interviewing for a job and creating a resume.
  • Career GPS broadens teens perspectives on career choices based on their personal strengths, interests and passions.

After School Community Service and Leadership

Pre-Adolescence (Gr. 6-8) - Adolescence (Gr. 9-12) is the perfect age to encourage and guide children to make a commitment to genuine human interaction and to be in community with others. Socially and emotionally, our programming increases self-esteem by providing an opportunity to empower this age group to make a difference and be heard.

Supporting Youth Through Transitions

Transitions: Helping our children become aware of triggers that cause them stress, and brainstorming skills to cope with  those triggers provides timeless skills. Programs held for middle school, high school and college. 

Healthy Relationships:  Socially  and emotionally, children begin to separate more from their parents as  they are either getting ready to, or are transitioning into the “larger  world.” During this stage it is important to encourage children to feel  confident in themselves and their values, trusting their decisions to  avoid risky behaviors and relationships. 



From childhood through young adulthood we want to help children feel good in their own skin and to be able to appreciate and value their own differences. We nurture them through various anxieties and help them manage and alleviate the stresses that come with them. Early on we educate youth by establishing expectations and setting boundaries and, when necessary, implementing the appropriate consequences. Balancing children’s need for autonomy with the need for parental supervision can start as early as the toddler years and truly never ends, because parenting never really ends, it simply shifts. RYC programs provide parents and caregivers with great exposure and resources to help children through some of the more prominent transitions in their development.



Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum
Our community wants the best educational experiences for our kids, who face increasing pressure to perform in an increasingly complex world. The Rye Youth Council supports children, teachers and parents in teaching social and emotional life skills to children in the classroom.

The Rye Youth Council (RYC) is a nonprofit youth development organization that educates engages and empowers Rye's youth by teaching essential social and emotional life skills through classroom and experiential learning.

Social and emotional life skills help people find balance and focus, excel through transitions, and become strong, independent and resilient individuals.  Social and emotional well-being and learning these life skills are essential to a happy and healthy life. 

All programs and services address the five social and emotional learning core competencies: 

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Responsible Decision Making  
  • Relationship Skills

For over 50 years, the Rye Youth Council has worked to empower the youth of our community  to encounter the world with compassion and confidence.                                      

Board of Directors and Staff



Lisa Dominici, Executive Director, execdirector@ryeyouthcouncil.org

Jessica Lodato, Youth Educator, jlodato@ryeyouthcouncil.org

Board of Directors

Monica Brenner

Sharon Cammisa, Co-president

Allison Chader

Stephen Fairchild

Jonita Geelen

Elyssa Gray

Laura Kovacs, M.Ed.

Jackie Mazzili, Secretary

Jennifer Reisner, LCSW

Elena Sherman, Treasurer

Stephanie Spierings, Co-president

Elisabeth Thorington

Marnie White, LCSW

Daryl Woolsey


RYC Employment Services Team (RYCES)

Allison Chader

Kristina Dorfman

Laura Kovacs, M.Ed.

Cathy PiKassandra Souply

Elisabeth Thorington

Ex Officio Advisors 

Maureen Angelastro 

Lisa Ruderman Chen

M. Kim O’Connor, LCSW

Kassandra Souply

Ward Urban

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