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Better Together Spring Benefit

Better Together Spring Benefit

Better Together Spring Benefit


RYC recently held its spring benefit event - virtually. Click here to watch the video, on-demand, featuring the co-founders of Grown & Flown and honoring Kristin Jautz.

Supervised Virtual Playdates!

Better Together Spring Benefit

Better Together Spring Benefit


KidCast is a group of Rye High School teens who will entertain your kids, ages 3-8 for half hour every Monday and Wednesday.  Virtually, and free of charge! 

To learn more and sign up, 

Click here for Ages 3-5

Click here for Ages 6-8


Better Together Spring Benefit

Make a Grandfriend Goes VIRTUAL!


Please click here for a listing of COVID-19 resources including a resource for no-cost mental health sessions from community professionals.

Make a Grandfriend Goes VIRTUAL!

Students - Sign Up to Call a Local Senior Citizen Today!

Make a Grandfriend Goes VIRTUAL!


Our world may be topsy turvy and full of uncertainty, but one thing we know for sure is how much joy kids bring to the senior citizens in our community. 

Since we can't visit in person, we will send e-communication to brighten their days!
We are inviting kids to create virtual cards/greetings/etc to send to senior citizens in our community. 
Video messages can include:  

  • playing their musical instruments
  • singing songs
  • telling a joke
  • reading a poem 
  • talking about what are grateful for
  • video of the  beach/water or trees
  • etc ...get creative!

Also submissions can be photos/still images of things like cards they make or pictures/painting they draw.  You get the idea!
Video submissions should be in one of the following formats: .mov, .mp4, .m4vPhoto images should be .jpg or .png

Please send all submissions to 

Students - Sign Up to Call a Local Senior Citizen Today!

Students - Sign Up to Call a Local Senior Citizen Today!

Students - Sign Up to Call a Local Senior Citizen Today!


Because older adults are at a higher risk for severe illness due to COVID-19, they are being urged to stay home.  Many are at home alone, which is lonely and isolating.  We hope to brighten their days with phone calls from local students.

Click HERE to learn more and sign up

Please Support the RYC

Rye Youth Council engages, educates and empowers youth, strengthens family, and builds community.  We focus on promoting social and emotional life skills and mental well-being of youth in our community. 

We cannot do this without your financial support! 100% of your tax-deductible contribution supports the social and emotional health and mental well-being of the youth in our community.  

The Rye Youth Council (RYC) is a nonprofit youth development organization that educates engages and empowers Rye's youth by teaching essential social and emotional life skills through classroom and experiential learning.

Social and emotional life skills help people find balance and focus, excel through transitions, and become strong, independent and resilient individuals.  Social and emotional well-being and learning these life skills are essential to a happy and healthy life. 

All programs and services address the five social and emotional learning core competencies: 

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Responsible Decision Making  
  • Relationship Skills

For over 50 years, the Rye Youth Council has worked to empower the youth of our community  to encounter the world with compassion and confidence.                                      

Board of Directors and Staff



Lisa Dominici, Executive Director,

Jessica Lodato, Youth Educator,

Board of Directors

Monica Brenner

Sharon Cammisa, Co-president

Allison Chader

Stephen Fairchild

Jonita Geelen

Elyssa Gray

Laura Kovacs, M.Ed.

Jackie Mazzili, Secretary

Jennifer Reisner, LCSW

Elena Sherman, Treasurer

Stephanie Spierings, Co-president

Elisabeth Thorington

Marnie White, LCSW

Daryl Woolsey


RYC Employment Services Team (RYCES)

Allison Chader

Kristina Dorfman

Laura Kovacs, M.Ed.

Cathy PiKassandra Souply

Elisabeth Thorington

Ex Officio Advisors 

Maureen Angelastro 

Lisa Ruderman Chen

M. Kim O’Connor, LCSW

Kassandra Souply

Ward Urban

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