Our workshops, programs and clubs provide a platform for empowering youth to meet life’s challenges with confidence and competence. After-school programs include leadership training, peer mentoring, employment services, career exploration, and community service. Our in-school curriculum centers around the five core competencies of Social and Emotional Learning. All programs help youth get involved and make a difference in the lives of others. 

 As early adulthood approaches, an increase in separation between parent and child naturally begins. The following programs provide youth with control over decisions in their lives, while knowing they are supported and guided to make good choices.  

Youth Employment Service (RYCES)


RYCES facilitates the safe connection between youth and employers. Open to all Rye youth 8th grade - 22 years, our employment services connect youth to part-time and full-time jobs, year round.



Workshops develop teens' self-esteem, self-confidence, essential communications skills and habits for a lifetime. Past workshops include "Getting Hired 101", and "Money 101: Making Smart Financial Choices".   



Q&A panel series for high school and college aged students to gain an understanding of how their skills & passions should inform and drive their career choices.   

Middle School Grandfriend Club


  A fun and unique opportunity for middle schoolers to visit with  senior citizens at The Osborn Retirement Community, make crafts, play  games, and make new friends.  This program meets once a month on Mondays, beginning in October. Community service hours are awarded. Registration is free and students may participate at any time during the school year.  Contact more more info.  

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HighSchool Grandfriend Club


The Grandfriend Clubs encourages intergenerational engagement and interaction as well as friendship development between teens and senior citizens living in The Osborn Retirement community. This program bridges the generational divide and reduces social isolation among the elderly while simultaneously nurturing the social and emotional growth of the RHS teen participants. 

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Connect with Tech Leadership Club


 Connect with Tech Leadership Club empowers teens through opportunities where they connect and interact with adults and children of all ages.  Teen members  create and lead workshops to:  

  • Teach senior citizens how to use their modern technology devices
  • Teach parents about the perils, pitfalls and positives of their children's use of technology and social media
  • Provide first-hand knowledge and experience to  teach younger students about the responsible use of technology

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Youth Advisory Board


 The mission of the Youth Advisory Board of the RYC is to facilitate discussion and collaboration between the youth of Rye and the staff/Board of the Rye Youth Council in order to promote the social, emotional, and psychological well-being of Rye children, teens and young adults. Additionally, the Youth Advisory Board will create and implement various programs and opportunities in the hopes of improving youth interaction with the greater Rye community, and to provide opportunities for the voice of youth to be heard and represented.

Becomming a Leader Through Sports


A five-week interactive learning experience that empowers middle schoolers to gain the life skills they need on and off the field. 

Led by a team of high school juniors, participants build their self confidence, improve time management skills, explore the value of teamwork, and learn how to find their own voice. 



 Our community wants the best educational experiences for our kids, who face increasing pressure to perform in an increasingly complex world. The Rye Youth Council supports children, teachers and parents in teaching social and emotional life skills to children in the classroom.  

Our Youth Educator teaches an in-class Social and Emotional Learning curriculum to every 3rd and 4th grade class in the Rye City School District. 

Social and emotional learning is the process for understanding yourself, managing your emotions and feelings, and your relationships with others. It's about the skills necessary to cultivate the ability to have healthy connections or relationships. 

Children's social and emotional well-being is essential to their academic and lifelong success. 

Rye Youth Council collaborates closely with educators, parents and community to complement and balance the academic challenges of our schools by focusing on the whole child, and by teaching crucial social and emotional life skills. 

All programs and services address the five social and emotional learning core competencies: 

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Social awareness
  • Responsible Decision Making  
  • Relationship Skills

What Your Kids are Learning: 3rd Grade

Rye Youth Council provides an assessment-based learning curriculum for Rye's third graders to support students in their social and emotional growth. Click below to be In Sync with what your third grader is learning. 

What Your Kids Are Learning: Grade 4

RYC provides an assessment-based learning curriculum for Rye's fourth graders to support students in their social and emotional growth. Click below to be In Sync with what your fourth grader is learning. 

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