YOUTH EMPLOYMENT & Independent Life Skills

Employment Service (RYCES)


RYCES facilitates the safe connection between youth and employers. Open to all Rye youth 8th grade - 22 years, our employment services connect youth to part-time and full-time jobs, year round.

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Workshops develop teens' self-esteem, self-confidence, essential communications skills and habits for a lifetime. Past workshops include "Getting Hired 101", and "Money 101: Making Smart Financial Choices".   

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Q&A panel series for high school and college aged students to gain an understanding of how their skills & passions should inform and drive their career choices. 

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Youth leadership & service

Middle School Grandfriend Club


These intergenerational programs connects teens to local senior citizens to share ideas, interests, and experiences.  It demonstrates the capacity of people of all ages to learn from one another.

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Connect with Tech Leadership Club


 Our Connect with Tech Leadership Club empowers teens by facilitating opportunity for them to interact with and teach adults and children of all ages.  

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HighSchool Grandfriend Club


The Grandfriend Clubs encourages intergenerational engagement and interaction as well as friendship development between teens and senior citizens living in The Osborn Retirement community. This program bridges the generational divide and reduces social isolation among the elderly while simultaneously nurturing the social and emotional growth of the RHS teen participants. 

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Social Emotional Development Programs


 Transitions can be stressful at any age. Helping our children become aware of triggers that cause them stress and brainstorming skills to cope with those triggers provides timeless skills. Geared for both students, parents, and caregivers, the programs set a platform of open dialogue bringing insights and pertinent information to the forefront of these exciting and crucial periods of transition.  Programs held for elementary, middle school, high school and college transitions.

Healthy Relationships

From adolescence through young adulthood there begins a broader questioning of one’s self in relationship to the world. A greater capacity for abstract thinking emerges as gradually the prefrontal cortex grows, increasing the ability to plan and organize as complex behavior and personality develop. Socially and emotionally children begin to separate more from their parents as they are either getting ready to, or are transitioning into the “larger world.” During this stage it is important to encourage children to feel confident in themselves and their values, trusting their decisions to avoid risky behaviours and relationships.


Our programs help youth manage stress and anxiety by learning self-guided mindfulness techniques they can use anytime, anywhere.